9+ Best Heat Guns Reviews & Useful Tips (2019 Guide)

Field of best heat gun application is rather wide, therefore it is useful to have it at home. As a rule, all best heat gun models are similar in design and are equipped with robust plastic housing, a ceramic insulator with a heating coil and electric motor. It turns out that people use the best heat gun in different ways – for its intended purpose and even wider. With the help of hot air, it is possible to cut roofing material, solder linoleum, soften old varnishes before removal, process wood and even solder metals. The best heat gun will be also useful if you need to bend plastic pipes, speed up or slow down adhesive hardening, depending on its type. Taking into account heat gun reviews, regardless of the purpose for which you intend to purchase best heat gun, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a rating of the most popular models in 2019. Review of heat gun tips will be also useful as this tool is considered to be one of the most functional power tools so far.

TOP 10 Heat Guns Compared and Reviewed

Looking for a tool that is effective at heating, drying and glueing? Then you need best heat gun 2019. It remains to determine how serious are your intentions. We offer a list of top-rated heat gun models that will help out with minor repairs at home and in professional activities. Best heat gun reviews will be helpful to make a right choice easily and quicker.

Product Power Voltage Temp Range LCD Display Accessories Warranty Rating
DEWALT Heavy Duty
DEWALT Heavy Duty
1550 W 120V 150 - 1100 °F Yes 12 nozzles 3-Year Limited Warranty
10 of 10
Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun
Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun
1200 W 120V 750 and 1000 °F No No 2-Year Warranty
9.7 of 10
Porter Cable Heat Gun
Porter Cable Heat Gun
1500 W 120V N/A No No 1-Year Warranty
9.5 of 10
ProTect Heat Gun Kit
ProTect Heat Gun Kit
1500 W 120V 750 and 1000 °F No 4 nozzles and 2 accessories N/A
9 of 10
Genesis Heat Gun Kit
Genesis Heat Gun Kit
1500/ 750 W 120V 572 and 1000 °F No 4 nozzles 2-Year Home Use Warranty
9 of 10
1375 W 120V 750 and 1000 °F No No 2-Year Warranty
8.7 of 10
Master Appliance
Master Appliance
17400 W 120V 750 - 1000 °F No No N/A
8.5 of 10
American Crafts Heat Gun (Craft heat gun)
American Crafts Heat Gun (Craft heat gun)
320 W 120V 650 °F No No N/A
8.5 of 10
Steinel Heat Gun
Steinel Heat Gun
1400 W 120V 140 - 1050° F No 2 nozzles 1-Year Limited Warranty
8 of 10
Milwaukee Heat Gun Kit
Milwaukee Heat Gun Kit
N/A 18 V 1000° F No 2 nozzles and charger N/A
8 of 10

Best Overall: DEWALT Heavy Duty

DEWALT Heavy Duty

Without any doubts, DeWalt heat gun should be considered. It is the best heat gun for removing paint that is found in a segment of professional tools. This device is equipped with LCD display to monitor performance, 12 accessories, ventilation for cooling engine and a special storage box. According to DeWalt d26950 review, its distinctive feature is the operator’s full safety during the work. In accordance with different airflow levels, maximum temperature limits apply. Closed ergonomic handle allows you to firmly grip the tool, to avoid slipping out of hands. In stationary use, folding stops provide stability. All this ensures complete safety.


  • Comes with LCD display to control temperatures.
  • Sold with a storage box and 12 accessories.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with a cord protector.
  • Safe from overheating.


  • Is a bit expensive.

Best Heat Gun for Paint Stripping: Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun

Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun

This is another great device that is mainly used for paint stripping, loosening bolts, removing floors and defrosting freezers. It is a 1,200-Watt heat gun that is powerful enough to accomplish various DIY tasks. Wagner heat gun comes with 2 temperature settings of 750 and 1000 degrees F. The first one is used for simple tasks and another one – to do something that is more complicated. The body of the tool is made of top-quality protective plastic and nozzle is corrosion-resistant. The handle is rugged and easy to keep in hand.


  • Can be used for various tasks except crafts.
  • Affordable price.
  • Offers 2 temperature and fan speeds.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Lightweight.


  • Additional nozzles are not included.

Best Heat Gun for Window Tinting: Porter Cable Heat Gun

Porter Cable Heat Gun

Based on heat gun reviews, this is one more powerful tool that can be used for various tasks and in different spheres. Power of this device is 1,500 W, which allows it to be used for a wide range of repairs. The outflow temperature can be adjusted to the desired values thanks to temperature control dial inbuilt. In addition, the body has a switch that increases the fan rotation speed. Among interesting features, it is necessary to admit the presence of a special stand, with which you can use it in a hands-free mode.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy in use and reliable.
  • Can be used for various purposes.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Allows to work with hands free.
  • Long power cord.


  • Lowest temperature is extremely low.

Best Heat Gun for Electronics: ProTect Heat Gun Kit

ProTect Heat Gun Kit

This model is a good option to consider because it is budget-friendly and functional enough. Offers two temperature settings of 750 and 1000 degrees, so when you need to defrost freezer or even loose floor tiles, this tool is what you need. Max operational power is 1500W, which is awesome. Even tough tasks can be performed without problems. In addition, this best heat gun is sold in a box and comes with 6 useful accessories. It means that you will save money on additional nozzles and you won’t need to purchase them separately.


  • High power.
  • Fits for various tasks.
  • Best heat gun for ipad repair.
  • Sold in a kit with storage case and nozzles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Comes without a stand for cooling.

Best Budget Heat Gun: Genesis Heat Gun Kit

Genesis Heat Gun Kit

Looking for a budget-friendly heat gun for sale? It’s high time to pay special attention to model by Genesis. It features a powerful 2.5 Amp motor and high & low-temperature modes to provide more versatility. The first one consumes 750W and can be called economy mode. Still, it can be used to perform a great number of useful tasks at home. It can help you to lighten charcoal grills without using harmful lighting fluids. If you need a higher temperature, you can easily switch to the second mode. In addition, with this tool, you can easily optimize a flow direction as it comes with 4 nozzles in a kit.


  • Cheap heat gun.
  • Versatile and can perform a great number of tasks.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good quality.
  • Comes in a kit with 4 nozzles.


  • Smells bad when heated for the first time.

Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint: BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun


BLACK+DECKER is a nice tool to have at home as it is available for the widest work range. For example, you can easily solder copper pipes, remove old paint, stick flooring from rubber and plastic. Heat gun paint removal will take you less time than ever before. Smooth temperature adjustment makes this heat gun even more versatile. It offers to choose between two temperature settings of 750 and 1000 degrees F. This should depend on the task you are going to perform. In addition, this model comes with a kickstand rest and hanging attachments that simplify operation.


  • Two temperature modes.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Allows to work with hands free.
  • Can hang while cooling.
  • Affordable price.
  • Ideal for numerous DIY tasks.


  • Nozzles are not included.

Best for Stretching Vinyl: Master Appliance

Master Appliance

This is a high-quality model to consider. Master heat gun is close to industrial tools and guarantees a top-level performance. Thanks to a durable sturdy construction this model will serve you for years. In addition, it contains elements that are easy to replace. Its high power and temperature up to 1000 degrees F allow performing a great variety of tasks even vinyl stretching. Special rubberized base allows working in hands-free mode. A cord is 6-feet long, so you are not limited in actions while working.


  • High quality.
  • Ideal for a greta number of DYI tasks.
  • Easy in use.
  • High durability level.
  • Quick-heating.
  • Comes with a rubber base.


  • Is a bit pricey.

Best Heat Gun for Crafts: American Crafts Heat Gun

American Crafts Heat Gun

According to craft heat gun reviews, this product is the best on the market today. It was specially designed for people, who can’t live without their hobby. Has a stylish design and bright pink color girls enjoy. This tool helps to create an embossing effect on the project you have. It also will be a nice thing to use if you need to dry paint, glue or ink. Comes with an inbuilt table stand, so it is easy in use. The maximum operating temperature is 650 degrees F at 320 Watts.


  • Fast-heating.
  • Nice style and color.
  • Comes with a table stand.
  • Comes with a safety guard that protects from hot nozzle.
  • Ideal for various hobbies.


  • Noisy.

Best Heat Gun for Heat Shrink Tubing: Steinel Heat Gun

Steinel Heat Gun

For those people, who are looking for a top-quality heat gun, it is recommended to consider a tool by Steinel. It is powerful enough and can reach temperatures from 140 to 1050 degrees F. For easier operation Steinel heat gun has an ergonomic shock-resistant case with slip-proof handle. Suitable for neutralization of dilapidated coatings, roof adhesions, pipes and wires defrosting, PVC welding, etc. In addition, it comes with a double overheating protection function. case and nozzles are included into the kit.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Durable design.
  • Powerful.
  • Can be used for various purposes.Easy in use.
  • Comes with 2 nozzles and case.
  • Temperature and airflow controls.


  • Doesn’t include a LCD display.

Best Cordless Heat Gun: Milwaukee Heat Gun Kit

Milwaukee Heat Gun Kit

Milwaukee heat gun is the best fast-heating cordless device on the market as it becomes ready to use at a temperature of 1000 degrees F within 7 seconds. It all happens thanks to a spiral-shaped heating element that is highly efficient. Another benefit of this tool is that it doesn’t depend on electricity and can be used anywhere outside the house. In order to make it cool, it comes with a hook for hanging. In addition, this top-notch device has a built-in LED lamp and is well-protected from overheating. Comes in a set with nozzles, batteries, charger and carrying case.


  • Best paint heat gun.
  • Cordless model.
  • Fast-heating.
  • Comes in a kit with useful accessories.
  • High level of protection from overheating.
  • Easy in use.


  • Is a bit expensive.

What Do You Do with a Heat Gun?

paint removal with heat gun

First of all, this tool greatly simplifies the solution of everyday tasks. A simple example: to remove an old paint you no longer need a knife or spatula. It is enough to heat surface with a heat gun using a special nozzle, and old paint turns very easy to detach. Also, such a device can heat a rusty or highly tightened connection, after which nut or bolt can be easily unscrewed. This method is often used in car repair shops to detach suspension.

Application range is quite extensive, however, there are several main tasks, what is a heat gun used for:

  • removing old paint;
  • drying painted surfaces, gypsum;
  • artistic burning out;
  • film application and swelling;
  • installation of stretch ceilings;
  • plastic welding, copper pipes brazing, garden hoses;
  • defrosting drain pipes, refrigerators;
  • soldering plastics;
  • microcircuits disassembly ;
  • kindling coal in the grill;
  • cleaning and disinfecting surfaces;
  • furniture and baths restoration;
  • repair bumpers, sports equipment.

What Heat Gun to Use for Vinyl Wrap?

If you want to try yourself in car tuning with vinyl wraps, you should think over the purchase of a heat gun. An ideal device for this purpose should come with various settings and should be of high quality because aesthetic appearance depends on it. Based on numerous reviews, Master Appliance is a top rated heat gun to be used for vinyl wraps. It is equipped with 2 lasers that are used to guide users on how to apply heat on a car. In addition, it comes with a cross-hair sight that advised when it’s time to stop or to bring device closer to the car.

So you want to try your hand at some DIY Vinyl Wraps for your Car, Motorbike or looking for the best heat gun for paint stripping? Well, we have done a Top 5 Heat Gun Review for under $100 which will do the job fast and at the right price for 2018. Just don’t use them as a hairdryer….

What Temperature Is Needed for Heat Shrink Tubing?

Heat shrink tubing will help to save your cables from abrasion and to protect them from bad weather and other possible damages. In order to choose the best heat gun for heat shrink tubing check the specs according to the recommended temperature. Among materials used for this operation, it is possible to choose between PVC and Polyolefin. The last one can withstand 257°F -275°F and the first one is cheaper, but it can be heated up to 221°F and not more. Again this data is not 100% correct, so you need to consult specs.

Heat Guns Buying Guide

space heater on wheels

Learn how to choose heat gun for sale and what features it has. A buying guide below will help you to choose an ideal tool for your needs. So, which heat gun is best and what are the main criteria?

Heat Gun Types

Being a multifunctional tool, the best heat gun will be nice to have especially if you are doing a lot of work at home, or require it in the professional field. Most important thing is to choose a tool with desired temperature parameters and air jet speed. These indicators are basic, and according to them they classify various types of such devices.

  • Electric. This heat gun type is the most popular today and all the products we reviewed today are of this type. Usually, they come with a cord of various length, but still, it is possible to find cordless models. They are heating quickly and can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Size and a set of features they possess depends on manufacturer.
  • Gas-Powered. Such models are more portable than electric ones and are usually operate on butane and come with electric ignition. In addition, they come of various sizes and differ in power and special features.
  • Industrial. Such tools are applicable to large-scale construction work. They have many functions and the highest air jet temperature, which is sent to the desired point with particular accuracy. Industrial heat guns can be used for a long period of time and cope with a variety of tasks. Often they are large in size and consume a significant electricity amount.
  • Cordless. These units operate on lithium-ion batteries. Applicable for short-term working moments and are nice to have in absence of electricity network. They do not offer a fantastic power but can be successfully used in hard-to-reach places.

Regular Heat Gun Vs Heavy Duty Heat Gun

When deciding which heat gun to choose, you need to know exactly what appliance will it be used for. Depending on the purpose, you may need either regular or heavy-duty model.

The first variant is possible if:

  • You use it les than 15 minutes without a braek;
  • required maximum air temperature does not exceed 560 degrees;
  • there is no need for smooth temperature adjustment.

Here the main thing is to choose a reliable brand. Devices from Bosch, Wagner, Steinel DeWalt, Black & Decker are good.

Heavy-duty device is necessary if you need:

  • smooth temperature adjustment;
  • electronic temperature stabilization system function;
  • removable heat shield;
  • closed handle.

As for manufacturers, it is recommended to consider Bosch, DeWALT, Makita, Metabo and Steinel.

Industrial or Regular Heat Gun?

Industrial models are required if you are working in a factory or some other company. Best heat gun for industrial purposes should be durable and possess a large number of various settings. Usually, such devices tend to work all days long without rest and operate on highest temperatures. This differs this model from regular ones. At home, you won’t use this tool a lot but will require it only to perform this or that task. So, for these purposes, it is possible to prefer less powerful models that operate at a lower temperature and do not have a great number of nozzles and settings.

Gas Powered or Electric?

According to heat gun reviews, electric models are more popular because they are cheaper than gas-powered and easy in use. Though, while choosing the right model, pay attention to a cord length as it matters a lot.

Gas-powered tools do not depend on electricity and this is their main benefit. If you choose these devices, you will be able to use it outside without any cords. Also, it is as powerful as electric heat gun though will be more expensive.

Features To Consider

The design of all heat guns is basically the same. A heating element heats the air, and electric motor with the help of a fan drives it through a nozzle into the work area. But still there are more important features and you need to consider them while making a final choice of the best value heat gun.


It is desirable that purchased heat gun was equipped with a set of most frequently used nozzles. It is better if the device comes with many of them. Or, alternatively, they should be available on sale separately. There are many of them with various configuration. For this reason, very hot air acts on different surfaces and different forms in a different way. Here are some variants that are frequently used:

  • flat standard nozzle distributes supplied air;
  • rounded nozzle, which narrows to tip and is used for small areas;
  • narrow nozzle, as a rule, is used for welding plastic sheets with overlap;
  • additional nozzle for cutting some materials;
  • there are also models with a special reflector, reflex nozzles, protecting and other types of nozzles.

Temperature Range and Control

Maximum operating temperature is up to 650 ° C. The higher it is, the more versatile is device and more functionality it has.

Temperature adjustment allows you to change the airflow temperature at the exit and is one of the most important functions. Adjustment can be of two types:

  • smooth – regulator has no fixed positions, which allows you to set temperature most accurately. Tools with this adjustment are expensive and are used in professional works;
  • step-by-step – regulator with several fixed positions. It turns to be less accurate than smooth, but models with this adjustment are cheaper. It is the best option for everyday work.

Also it is necessary to consider a temperature stabilization feature. It automatically adjusts the jet temperature at the exit for specific conditions, but without overheating. Thus, the jet temperature remains constant, despite external influences like strong wind, voltage drops, etc.

Overheat protection is also nice to have. It turns off thermoelement in case of overheating. Overheating often happens when a heat gun is perpendicular to the material surface.

LCD Screen

LCD screen is used as an indicator showing temperature. It is a good and useful thing, as it helps to protect the material from overheating or insufficient heating. To protect material, it is recommended to monitor the device temperature, and for this purpose, manufacturers equip some models with an LCD screen.

Difference Between Heat Gun and Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is used for drying and styling hair, where the output temperature should not exceed 60˚С. A heat gun is similar in appearance, but it is only in appearance. The main difference between an industrial heat gun and a hair dryer lies in its application and technical characteristics, the main of which is heating and power.

How to Use a Heat Gun

using a heat gun

A heat gun is a fragile device and should be treated with tenderness. However, it is quite simple to use. There are several simple guidelines for using this tool:

  • In order to protect thermo element from breakage, it is necessary to direct air flow at an 45° angle.
  • Of course, work should be performed far from combustible substances.
  • It is necessary to control device and material so that they do not overheat.
  • At the end of work, heat gun must cool down.
  • Old paint and varnish coatings should be removed only with a scraper that comes with machine.
  • It is advisable to work with technical vein in room with ventilation or on the street.
  • Do not leave device turned on without supervision.

In general, these are all basic rules for using the best heat gun and they are pretty easy to follow.

Heat Gun Safety Tips

  • Do not use the tool in the explosive field. The matter is that toxic and flammable gases may be generated close to flammable liquids, gas, paint, varnish and similar materials.
  • Never use this tool with chemical solvents and in poorly ventilated areas.
  • When cleaning old paint or warming up flammable substances it is necessary to have at hand means for extinguishing fire: fire extinguisher, sand, asbestos materials or fibreglass.
  • Before placing the tool in storage, make sure that it is completely cool, for this you need to install best heat gun in a vertical position or hang it up.
  • When removing old coatings on premises, it is necessary to know the paint type used before as it might turn to be a highly toxic substance.
  • When removing old paint from wooden windows, be sure to use a nozzle that prevents glass from heating with hot air, which can lead to glass breakage and injury.
  • Heating gas pipes may cause an explosion.
  • Keep pets out of the tool area.
  • Do not use the heat gun as a hairdressing tool.

Our Advice

heat gun appliance

As you see, there are a lot of best heat gun models that deserve your attention. All of them possess various characteristics and are focused on this or that type of work. Taking into account heat gun reviews and results of our research, it is possible to mention that DEWALT Heavy Duty is the best heat gun 2019. It is recommended to give preference to this model because it is multi-functional and is easy in use. In addition, this is the only tool that comes with a top-quality storage box and 12! accessories. It means that after you purchase this best heat gun, you won’t need to spend extra money on nozzles. Moreover, best heat gun by DEWALT comes with an LCD display that allows adjusting temperature. At first, it may seem that this model is not budget-friendly, but if you take into account all pros & cons of this best heat gun, you will understand that this option is exactly what you need.